Reflections & Study – Easter 2018

Easter 2018

The Lord has indeed risen, alleluia!

Glory and kingship be his for ever and ever!


Easter is a time of joy and celebration for Christian communities throughout the world.  We celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord.  This is the foundation stone of our belief in Jesus and in the God whom he has revealed to us.

In the northern hemisphere Easter occurs in Spring, a time of new life and growth – factors which engender hope in our lives.  The flowers, the plants, the buds on the trees are all indicators that life is renewed after a long winter.  Darkness gives way to light, death gives way to life.

The Resurrection of Jesus cannot be properly appreciated if it is taken in isolation from his life, passion and death.  The life and mission of Jesus were about proclaiming the Good News of God’s love and compassion.  His fidelity to that mission led to his passion and to his death on the cross.

On the third day he was raised by the Father.  In effect this means that the life and mission of Jesus were being endorsed by the Father, who was, so to speak, declaring ‘Jesus has fulfilled his mission, in fidelity and in love and, because of that, he is now restored to life.  Death no longer has dominion over him.’

The resurrection, therefore, is a source of hope for the disciples of Jesus.  They can now be confident that, in following Jesus, they are on the right path because his way of life is the one approved by the Father.

Christians are called to be missionaries of hope, to share the conviction that it is possible to build a better future and, of course, to work to make that happen.

For people who suffer discrimination, who are homeless, who are suffering from some addiction or other, who are unemployed with no prospect of a job, who see no meaning in life – talk of hope in a better future might sound like pie in the sky – an unrealistic dream.  And they may well feel that such talk only adds to their pain.

Therein lies the challenge for Christian missionaries – that in spite of all the difficulties, we keep believing in a better future and we keep searching for ways to bring it about.  To be a missionary of hope one needs to nurture one’s faith in the Risen Lord and to develop one’s solidarity with one’s sisters and brothers.

Who are the people most in need of hope in their lives at this time?

How can you be a missionary of hope?

Happy Easter to All